Graduation project: KAAS-TENGELS

How can I design a way of applying for a job through an online platform that meets the needs of young starters aged 22-28 years, within the creative media design sector in the big cities in The Netherlands?


The problem

During my graduation project I looked at the problems that young creative graduates face when applying for a job. There are many aspects that play a roll in the problem that I defined. One of them is that there is a misunderstanding in the ‘profiles’ that the graduates apply to. For example, the definition of UX design is differently interpreted by different groups of people. This makes it frustrating for applicants when they go in for an interview and then discover that the job holds different tasks than that they had imagined.

The second problem is that the graduates are expected to apply for a job in text rather than in image by writing a resume and cover letter. This causes them not to be able to express themselves a way that they are best able too. Since they are trained to portray themselves and their work in images, it makes applying for a job a very frustrating process as they often have difficulty expressing themselves in writing.

The third problem is that companies are often looking for people with previous work experience. This makes it even more difficult for young graduates because they are judged based on their experiences and not their skills.

The solution:

Through the diverse research I conducted I was able to discover a solution to my design challenge. In short, a platform for graduates with weekly creative (random) challenge. In this way, the employers can see recent work from the job-seekers and how they express themselvses. For the job-seekers, or graduates, this is also a way for them to gain experience while looking for a job.

Date: 01.09.2017
Client: Bachelor of Science
Category: Graduation project

Shown below:

  • End-user interviews

  • Slides from feedback presentation

  • Concept sketches

  • Prototype 1, 2, 3 & 4 + feedback

  • Project conclusion

End-user interviews:

Interview person 1

'Cadavre exquis surréaliste' metaphor about the current and desired situation with an end-user

As a part of my research I conducted serveral qualitative interviews. It was important for me to hear the voice of the graduates, to let them speak about what troubles them with the current way of looking for, and applying for a job.

In each of the interviews I realized that with the current situation they continually face many frustrations which make them feel that their voice is not heard.

Since the amount of jobs are outnumbered by the amount of people looking for a job, companies essentially have the luxury of letting the applicants do the work and come to them. They get to pick and choose their favorite letting the applicants ‘waste their time’ by writing a cover letter for each and every opening.

Many applicants don’t have the time for though since they are forced to find work in an alternative area such as in a café or clothing store just to be able to pay their bills.

Slides from feedback presentation

Single Project

Slide from feedback presentation: The problem

Single Project

Slide from feedback presentation: The solution

Concept sketches

Single Project

Concept sketches 1

Single Project

Concept sketches 2

Prototype 1:

The first prototype was to convey concept of the product to others.

Single Project

LoFi prototype, screen: My assignments

Single Project

LoFi prototype, screen: Upload assignment

LoFi prototype testing using InVision

Feedback / testing conclusions:

  • Interesting concept

  • The interpretation for the assignments needs to be open

  • Make a web version (also)

  • The navigation needs a clearer structure


Wireflow for Prototype 1


Continuation of wireflow for Prototype 1

Prototype 2:

The purpose of the second prototype was to turn the concept into a desktop version.

Single Project

Prototype 2: Weekly assignments explanation

Single Project

Prototype 2: Upload assignment

Single Project

Prototype 2: Submitted assignments (all users)

Single Project

Prototype 2: My mailbox

Feedback / testing conclusions:

  • Great concept!

  • Work on navigation structure

  • Add a filter system to find candidates or jobs more accurately

Prototype 3:

The purpose of the third prototype was to create a structred navigation, here a few screenshots:

Single Project

Prototype 3: Extended search for employers

Single Project

Prototype 3: About page

Single Project

Prototype 3: Register page

Single Project

Prototype 3: Profile page (looking for a job)

Feedback / testing conclusions:

  • Clear navigation structure

  • Make the look & feel more interesting

Prototype 4 - Final:

Screenshots of the final product prototype:

Single Project
Single Project
Single Project
Single Project

Feedback / testing conclusions:

  • Test the assignments in a greater group for final concept validation

  • Test the new look & feel with the end-users

Project conclusion:

Throughout the project I received very positive reactions from different people involved in the project. I believe that the product I created answered my design challenge. The value of my solution is that it is a new concept that the market is looking for as of the time I created my project. This came forward while testing the different prototypes. People where often surprised that a product like this does not exist yet.

Credits for artwork:

! Please note: There are many more aspects to the project that have not been shown above, due to keeping this page concise and due to privacy reasons