The Artificial

Creative Agency

Artificial: "made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural." (Google dictionary)

During my time at The Artifical, as a company practice, I created my own logo, which is a combination of my minimalistic style together with what which the agency represents.

Something 'artificial' used to mean a work of art, something beautifully crafted. This is the meaning that The Artificial strives to bring back.

Result reached through iterations of: research, sketching, designing & getting feedback.

Date: 3 Feb 2017
Client: The Artificial
Category: Long internship

The process:

Internship logo
Internship logo
Internship logo
Internship logo


The most difficult aspect in creating this logo was finding the right amount of legibility. It was a process of finding a balance between the minimal aspect that represented me, in combination with the complexity of innards of technology.

Final result:

Internship logo

Final logo

Internship logo

Final logo - for small usage

Other work

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